Data protection

  How are your information protected?

Data transfer is secured through the SSL protocol. So always check that you are accessing the web via https when connecting to (the address in the web browser will look like this: and your browser does not show any certificate security problems.

Secure connection is primarily intended to protect you from intercepting your connection to our site and prevents third parties from modifying information during the connection.

For encrypted connections, SNI support is required for your browser and operating system. SNI currently support all modern browsers and operating systems.

In the case of security problems, do not hesitate to contact us by email:

  Do you save my credit card information?

We do not save. You are entering your payment card information when paying to a payment gateway. The payment gateway provider for card payments is Global Payments Europe, s.r.o. Payment card information is only required to make a payment. For security reasons, it is necessary to enter this information again at each payment. Keep your credit card details out of the payment gateway and never share them or send them to anyone.

  What data about users do you store?

In particular, for the purpose of identifying the user in case of complications, we can require certain personal details (name, surname, email, telephone number, ID card number, etc.) before purchasing the tickets. Personal data are stored in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll. and we are kept in the records of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

All communication with the site is governed by the Business Terms and Conditions available on this site.


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